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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It has been awhile

The blogger people would not let me into my blog because I did not have a gmail account. This is most disturbing. For now, I shall use Chief of Staff's email. She will allow this because I am the Queen of the Universe. All must obey me!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Big sister

Squeak, or Bittie, as the young human calls her is my big sister. So to speak. I am, in fact, bigger than her though it was not always so. (And, before you snicker, I am not fat. I will claw you a new entrance to your intestines if you say I am.)

Squeak and the young human moved out last year. I miss them. Especially Squeak who would chase me up and down the stairs until I took my turn at chasing. Great fun, that was! And the young human would practice fisticuffs with me, praising my strength and agility. Rightfully so.

They are looking for a new home. I had hopes they might return here but, alas, they are not. Squeak says there is only room for one Queen in a household. She is right. Here, I am that Queen.

Perhaps, if they move closer, they will come to visit? Then we can chase and run and hiss and claw. It would be great fun!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Chief of Staff's Book is Available

Wookie is allowing me to promote my new release on her blog. Um, right. Actually, she's taking a nap (big surprise, huh?) and I've snuck on here without her knowledge.

Anyway, my book Heartstone is now available from Triskelion Publishing. You can click on the blog title to go to the order page and preview the first chapter.

Uh oh. I hear the patter of tiny feet. Better run while the running's good {g}

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Busy, busy

I have not reported to you, dear readers, for some time. Why?

Because my Chief of Staff has been busy redecorating my room. (This is the room she refers to as her office. It is not worth my while to dissuade her and I am happy to let her use the room as long as I have my bed, my sunbeam and my food.)

Chief of Staff has changed the room considerably though I feel she is not yet done. The walls are a different color--from teal to lilac. She has put new blinds up (these I do not like since they block a good portion of my sunbeam! But they do have intriguing strings hanging from the side, chirrup!) She has also put odd, lacy curtains up. I am not so fond of these either since Chief of Staff yells if I try to push them out of my way. Not that I pay her any mind. I mean, really, who is the Cat? Me!

Now there is also a new table. She has it set to the side of the room and is clearing my toy box/bed from in front of the window. I do not like this either as it will make laying in my sunbeam more difficult.

Alas, a Cat's life is never easy.

Monday, May 22, 2006


It has rained for DAYS! I do no like wet. I do not like Rain.

I see a sunbeam in my room. I shall lay down in it and take a nap. It is good to be a cat.


Friday, April 07, 2006


It is that time of year when the sky explodes with light and sound and water beats on the windows and doors. I do not like this. Why? You may ask. Why do you not like this when you are warm and dry and safe inside your home?

This is true. Now. But I was born in the woods behind very tall buildings. Many cars roamed the area and smaller but much louder machines cut great swathes of the green grass growing near our den. My mother, what I can remember of her, tried to protect my sibs and I from the dangerous thing by moving us from our nest near the wood's edge to one deeper in the trees. To do this, however, she had to pass through the cut grass and the hard cement where the cars roamed and people scurried like mice through a field.

My sibs and I could barely see. Our eyes were not quite open yet. We could not walk but did a sort of belly crawl. We were young. Babies still. My mother took my eldest sib first, curving rapidly through the dangerous land until she got to the new nest she had prepared for us. She came back for me but...

A dark car pulled up. A very tall human got out. He spoke to my mother, made threats against her and her babies. Then the great grass eating machine roared again. I think it was near her new nest. My mother was confused, frightened. When the tall human got to close, she had to run. She couldn't carry me. I fell onto the grass, calling out in piteous cries to let her know that I would stay where she left me.

The tall human had other plans. He snatched me up, nearly crushing the air from my body. I heard my mother cry out from where she perched on the edge of the woods. I heard my eldest sibling's cry of fear.

That was the last I ever heard or saw of them.

So now, though my home is safe and warm and dry, when I hear the loud crash of the sky and the bright lights shine into my room, I tremble with fear. And remember my lost family.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Chief of Staff announced that this was National Goof Off Day then, looking directly at me, said, "You won't have a problem with that, will you, shortcake?"

I turned my back and sashayed into the kitchen.

Goof off, indeed! I have many, many things I must do. First, I must nap behind the sofa. Then I must check the attic and, if it is secure, take a nap there too. After that, I must go downstairs and receive my due homage from the Tall Staff and from Zuzu. When I've had enough, I will go under the rocking chair and rest for awhile. Generally, Chief of Staff will come home just about the same time that I must check the kitchen. As she starts dinner, I dance around her and Zuzu to remind her that she must pay attention to ME!

Then I go behind the sofa for another nap. It is a very hard, difficult life I lead but someone must do it.

Goof off indeed!